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The New Boston

November 26, 2014

The New Boston.

Love the picture of Tom Menino standing in front of Droubi Brothers Bakery (Not to be confused with the Doobie Bros., of course, and the freshest pita anywhere  –  the feta and spinach pita is really special).  When he was first running for mayor, he walked every street in Roslindale, including South St., where I happened to meet him as I returned from my daily trip to Ashmont Hardware – I was rehabilitating undoubtedly the nicest house on the street and always needed something. I was immediately impressed with him because I could barely understand a word he said and thought he’d be the perfect mayor for Boston (for the people, not for the corporations).  It turned out that he could satisfy both, and satisfy them he did.  I came to Boston in 1962, and there is no question in my mind that since that time, no other mayor did as much for so many as he did.  Thanks, Tom, and thanks for making this photograph available.

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